Biokinesis Results

A lot of people want to see biokinesis eye color change, before and after pictures before they try it for themselves. Even though biokinesis can alter practically all body features, the eyes are what’s most focused on.

Whether this is because people want to use there eyes as a test before using biokinesis on other body parts or because they truly want there eyes to be a different color, it’s clear the eyes are a favorite body part to alter.

So without further ado here are some legitimate examples of altering appearance with biokinesis.


Meet Jessie Marie

She uploaded a series of videos detailing her venture attempting to alter her eye color.  These videos were analysed in the biokinesis proof series and are believed to be real.

Sarah’s Eye Color Change Journey

This before and after image comes from Sarah’s detailed log of her eye color change with biokinesis recorded on her blog.

This image displays the first 3 weeks of her eye color change journey, all in all day 0 to day 75 were documented proving  real biokinesis results.

This before and after image is another eye color transformation with biokinesis. The color change was recorded on a regular basis by a Spanish youtuber that goes by Será. You can look at the full transformation below.

This before and after image comes from another Spanish youtuber that goes by the name Filipe Silva. He recorded his biokinetic journey in a YouTube video which you can see below.

This image is yet another example of eye color transformation with biokinesis. It comes from a YouTube video from a channel by the name of Antoarch. This youtuber has recorded there eye color change over a year, the video can be seen below.