Eye color change fascinates most people who first look into biokinesis and why wouldn’t it? Not only is it one of the easiest things to first do with biokinesis but it also produces incredible results. It’s for these reasons I encourage everyone who shows interest in this ability to attempt to change their eye color. So without further ado, lets get into some simple methods that produce results.

Method #1 – Audio Subliminals

Using subliminals is one of the most popular method associated with biokinetic eye color change. When you look up things like “Biokinesis eye color” or “eye color change biokinesis” the majority of the results you will come across feature the use of subliminals. There are videos on transforming your eyes to any color in the rainbow. This raises some questions though such as,  do these subliminals actually work? How long does it take to see change in eye color? If they work which videos are legit and which are fakes?

First and most importantly, do these subliminal videos work? Obviously I wouldn’t be suggesting this method unless it worked however as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. In the before and after page and biokinesis proof articles many success stories have been shown for people using this method. I’ll show some before and after images below to give you an idea on this methods effectiveness.

 biokinesis eye colorbiokinesis eye color change

As you can see many people have seen success using subliminals, however time-frame is a big issue. Most things in life have an Achilles’ heel and this biokinesis eye color change method has one as well. It is to be expected though, that such a simple strategy would have it’s weaknesses. You’re probably wondering, How long does it actually take? Well there is no exact number as it varies from person to person, a complete eye color change will take a minimum of a month but it can be up to a year to. It’s all dependent on you, some people will see quick results whereas others wont.

However over that time you will notice subtle changes in eye color. Now the third and final question asked a lot, how to tell if a subliminal video is legit or not. The simple answer to this is you can’t without testing it out for a few weeks. I know it’s an annoying process to have to go through but don’t worry, I wont leave you high and dry. Below I’ll put some biokinesis eye color change subliminals that I know work whether it be from my own or others experiences.

Method #2 – Spells

This is something I personally don’t believe in but have friends that swear by it so It’s worth a mention. Spells as a whole is something I’ve never had much experience with so I had to do my due diligence when researching it. I wont list the spells I found on here because my lack of knowledge in this area could cause me to miss some important information, however I think this site covers a lot of the information. There you can learn about spells for biokinesis eye color change although I’d suggest skepticism when reading them.

Method #3 – Learning Biokinesis (Best Option In my Opinion)

People say save the best for last and in this case that’s true. Actually learning the ability biokinesis is by far the quickest and most efficient way to change your eye color. Not only that but learning the power will allow you to utilize it in modification of other areas of the body. If your interested in learning the ability, I’d suggest taking a look at the ebook below.