Biokinesis is an amazingly powerful ability. It allows you to manipulate DNA and is a power to be reckoned with. You’ve probably seen a lot of examples of people using biokinesis to manipulate eye color or muscle growth. These are common uses that this ebook will teach you, however it will also practically enroll you into the field of biokinesis and allow you to advance from there. There are an uncountable amount of advantages to learn biokinesis, but I’ll go over a few to give you an idea.

First of all when you learn biokinesis, you can alter muscle size. I strongly believe this is the best feat of wielding biokinesis and accompanied by regular gym sessions this can produce amazing results. Another great partĀ of knowing this ability is being able to easily add or remove bodily features. Have you ever gotten an annoying pimple or blackhead before an important event? instead of using makeup or hoping for the best, biokinesis provides a practical remedy that produces results. It also enables you to remove or add things like birthmarks, moles, freckles, facial redness in areas, cuts, bags under eyes, the list goes on and on. The simple fact is even learning the basics of biokinesis can make life and whole lot easier.