Almost on a daily basis people upload videos of themselves displaying abnormal abilities. However because this is the internet, these things must be looked at with skepticism. So in this new series of articles we will regularly look at examples of people proving they wield biokinesis and analyse them to determine if it is truly proof of biokinesis. For those unsure what biokinesis is, you can click here to learn about it.

Biokinesis Proof Example #1

Looking at this video we can see this woman is claiming to have changed her eye color from brown to hazel. She claims to have listened to meditation videos from the YouTube channel Quadible Integrity over several months  for this to occur. Eye color is always tough to test the legitimacy of. This is because eye color can easily be changed nowadays simply by using contacts. It is possible to see if this is truly biokinesis proof or just a hoax though, we just need to look at the finer details.

My first idea to verify the video’s legitimacy was to compare the time lapse of the eye color transformation.

Upon first watching the video it seemed real to me, that was until I saw the last picture. Looking above you can clearly see the last picture is another person. Unless in the creator of this video’s facial features changed drastically in half a month. That’s not all the evidence I saw that dispute this individuals claims though, that was just the most obvious.

If you compare the images at 6 and a half months and 8 months you can clearly see a filter has been used to simulate eye color change. This is evident by looking at the cat’s eyes. If you compare the cat’s eye color in both images you can see an obvious difference.

Unless the cat has been listening to these hypnotic videos it’s clear a filter has been used here. I could point out more evidence disputing this lady’s claims however I think this is an open and shut case. It’s evident that this piece of biokinesis proof is fabricated.

Biokinesis Proof Example #2

In this example of biokinesis proof, this lady is attempting to change her eye color using similar methods to the lady in the prior example. 4 videos were made before this woman stopped uploading. However the first video is no longer on the channel for reasons I don’t know. To first check this videos credibility I made a time lapse over the final 3 videos to see if there is a clear difference in eye color.

If you look at the first image and compare it to the third a clear difference can be seen. Her eyes have evidently gone from a dark brown to a lighter brown or hazel. I analysed all 3 of the videos available, however I could not find any example of illegitimacy. The eye color change is so subtle over the videos, contacts could not have been used to simulate this. I’m unsure why this lady stopped uploading updates, however it’s clear this is a piece of biokinesis proof.