Biokinesis is the kinetic ability to manipulate biological features. That’s the book definition at least, however you’re probably still wondering, what is biokinesis? Biokinesis is definitely one of the best powers one can possess. It allows you to change not only your own biological features, but the biological features of others. This makes the power extremely powerful, because of this wielders of the ability must be responsible.

what is biokinesis

It’s difficult to attempt to understand what biokinesis is without knowing about some of the things it can actually do. Have you ever wanted to become more muscular and fit but don’t like going to the gym? This is possible using biokinesis. You can also do things like reprogram your eyes to see further, remove pain sensors, change eye color and much, much more.

what is biokinesis

Now you see the extent of what biokinesis can do, it raises the question, what are the abilities limitations? Could you manipulate yourself to become indestructible? or better yet immortal? Technically it would be possible, however it has never been done. To immortalize yourself it would require constant recreation of dying cells as you age. This task is achievable, although it’s difficult and hasn’t been done. Becoming indestructible on the other hand is definitely impossible. Even if you made yourself the strongest individual in the world, nothing could stop a bullet from killing you or a fire, a car crash, you get the point. Even though you could never be completely indestructible with this ability, it would be possible to become partially indestructible. By manipulating your biological makeup to feel no pain, adding heaps of muscle and thickening bone you would practically be indestructible. You would still be vulnerable to things like guns and knives however if you suddenly got hit by a car it wouldn’t kill you. I guess you could consider this invincibility to natural occurrences.

This all comes down to how well the ability has been mastered though. On a technical basis even if shot in the head, a master of biokinesis could quickly repair the damage and dislodge the bullet. Even though it’s possible, it has never been done due to the true mastery of the ability required to do so. Aside from head wounds though even an intermediate user of biokinesis would be able to swiftly repair wounds. So practically damage to the brain is the only way a master of biokinesis could be killed. Unless injuries were sustained during sleep though, this weakness could be rectified though by learning lucid dreaming. All in all you can probably now see the power of biokinesis and truly understand what it can accomplish.